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Robert Huntsman of Huntsman Law Group, PLLC, is a principal of the small firm based in Boise, Idaho. Bob serves clients residing across the United States and usually gets to know them well, sometimes without ever meeting face-to-face. Huntsman and his clients typically communicate regularly and informally by email and phone. He frequently responds to clients past normal business hours and works with their busy schedules.

Mr. Huntsman can represent clients in any U.S. Federal District Court

At A Glance

J.D.- J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University

B.S. Computer Science, Montana State University

Bar Admissions


U.S. Federal District Court - Idaho

U.S. Federal District Court - Colorado

U.S. Federal District Court - Eastern District of Texas

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Copyright Law

About The Firm

Huntsman Law Group, PLLC, specializes in all types of intellectual property matters, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Robert Huntsman, founder, registered patent attorney and former software engineer, is licensed to prepare and prosecute U.S. patent applications involving a wide range of technologies. As a former HP R&D engineer, Mr. Huntsman is a rare patent attorney with significant software development experience and a computer science degree. He personally holds several patents.

Huntsman Law Group operates out of Boise, Idaho, a beautiful mountainous northwestern city known for a long legacy of innovation as well as comparably reasonable rates. As practical matter, the physical location of the firm's office is not an issue for the firm's geographically dispersed clientele, and HLG can file applications and pursue action anywhere in the United States. The firm is known for maintaining constant communication via voice, email, or text messaging. Modern Federal practice litigation requires filings be done electronically and the firm is experienced performing all such necessities to provide optimal support for its clients. Huntsman Law Group attorneys regularly travel to court appointments as required, often as a courtesy or at highly reduced rates.

Huntsman Law provides solid legal representation to an array of clients ranging from normally-lawyer-skeptical small business owners and no-nonsense independent inventors to providing assistance to General Counsel of large corporations concerned about wasting expensive in-house resources. For every client, the firm provides sound legal counsel and case strategy planning from litigation to resolution as necessary.

The firm is cost conscious and utilizes strategies which have proven, over years of experience, to be successful and likely to save the client time and money.

E-mail us any questions or comments. Consultation is always free and we often accept cases on contingency.

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