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Robert Huntsman of Huntsman Law Group, PLLC, is a principal of the small firm based in Boise, Idaho. Bob serves clients residing across the United States and usually gets to know them well, sometimes without ever meeting face-to-face. Huntsman and his clients typically communicate regularly and informally by email and phone. He frequently responds to clients past normal business hours and works with their busy schedules.

Mr. Huntsman can represent clients in any U.S. Federal District Court

At A Glance

J.D.- J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University

B.S. Computer Science, Montana State University

Bar Admissions


U.S. Federal District Court - Idaho

U.S. Federal District Court - Colorado

U.S. Federal District Court - Eastern District of Texas

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Cases of Interest

Rekluse Motor Sports, Inc. v. Drussel Wilfley Design, LLC

1:07-cv-02069 (United States Court for the District of Colorado)

1:10-cv-00537 (United States Court for the District of Idaho)

In 2008, Mr. Huntsman was approached by an old friend and engineering colleague, now a CEO of a high tech business who had been sued for patent infringement. Discovering that traditional patent litigation defense was far too expensive for a small company, the two collaberated on a way to defend on the merits with the scarce resources available. The two former engineers used their engineering problem solving skills and found a way to keep the client afloat long enough to reach a satisfactory conclusion.While the exact nature of the resolution is confidential, the public records show that the case was fully resolved three years later in 2011, and Rekluse, the defendant in that case managed to survive the litigation and continues to thrive as the undisputed market leader in its field. See Rekluse Motor Sports .

Techradium v. Edulink

2:09-cv-00275 (United States Court for the Eastern District of Texas)

4:10-cv-01887 (United States Court for the Southern District of Texas)

In 2009, Edulink Systems, a small company producing industry leading state-of-the-art communication systems enabling school personnel to communicate with parents and other members of the community in a very user-friendly way was sued for patent infringemewnt. Edulink's popular system predated the patents and Edulink could further demonstrate that asserted patents were distinctly different from its popular system. The patent holder TechRadium nonetheless proceeded with the litigation. Much larger companies, including Twitter, apparently reached a confidential settlement with the patent holder TechRadium without awaiting a decision on the merits. Edulink was one of eleven defendants in a one of many TechRadium patent lawsuits. Of those eleven defendants, Edulink, represented by Huntsman Law Group, was the only defendant to hold steadfast for a decision on the merits. In 2011, with Edulink, "the last man standing", the Court ruled that Edulink DID NOT infringement and the plaintiff took nothing. Edulink continues to focus on its core business and is still thriving. See Edulink Systems.
(While Edulink continues to thrive today. It is noteworthy that the patent holder, TechRadium, filed for bankruptcy in 2012.)

Brandywine Communications Technologies, LLC v. DLS Computer Serv, et. al.

1:12-cv-10317 (United States Court for the Northern District of Illinois)

(11 other cases)

In early 2013, twelve DSL providers were sued in multiple states by Brandywine for providing DSL services, which Brandywine maintained was covered by its patents. The twelve defendants jointly retained Huntsman Law Group to represent them. While the terms of the settlement remain confidential, all twelve cases were dismissed in August, 2013.

In addition to patent litigation cases, Mr.. Huntsman successfully litigated a number of other notable cases.

Mr. Huntsman initiated and served as lead Plaintiff in Huntsman v Soderbergh (the Cleanflicks case), a high profile multi-party Federal Court litigation case. Mr. Huntsman represented the interests of consumers and small businesses and was pictured and quoted in an article in People Magazine. The case was resolved in favor of Mr. Huntsman when the U.S. Congress stepped in and pass the Family Movie Act which allows movies to be edited on-the-fly without the consent of the movie industry.

Mr. Huntsman also successfully litigated a copyright infringement suit against a prominent recording artist.

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